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Do you understand paint protection film?

Today, let's talk about car paint protection film in detail.

The car paint protection film is made of thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU), which contains anti-UV polymers, anti-yellowing, strong wear resistance, anti-collision, and can increase the gloss of the car paint by 10%-40%. The paint protection film can resist Oil, grease, weak alkali, gravel, acid rain and other damage to the paint surface. Paint protection film is anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, long-term protection of vehicle paint, widely used in car beauty and maintenance industry.Paint Protection FilmPaint Protection FilmPaint Protection FilmPaint Protection FilmPaint Protection Film

1. Excellent ductility, super tensile strength; can be pasted on any curved surface.
2. Anti-yellowing for more than 3 years and anti-aging for more than 5 years.
3. Crystal clear, integrated with the original car, does not affect the original color of the car paint; can increase the gloss of the car paint by 5%-20%.
4. It can resist damage to the paint surface by oil, grease, weak alkali, gravel, acid rain, etc.
5. Super soft and memory, can resist general scratches and friction.
6. Good anti-ultraviolet performance, prevent long-term damage to the car paint; protect the luster of the original car paint surface.
7. Good adhesion, no edge opening, no cracking.
8. Good performance of pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can ensure that there is no residual adhesive when it is torn off at any time.
9. Meet environmental protection requirements.
10. The 3mil thick transparent PE surface protection film can ensure that the substrate will not be scratched during construction, and can be stretched together with the substrate.

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