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Pre-pandemic, FENGHENG Film was operating as an OEM manufacturer for some of the top PPF and window film companies in the world. Now, our contract of non-concurrence has finished and our focus has shifted to either direct-to-consumer sales or new distribution channels

We have adapted FENGHENG Film's product line and marketing for international sale. No cap sheet, orange core, a superior top coating, and overall premium performance. A great product along with strategic, targeted marketing means we have created the ability to compete with any brand on the market.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the latest in PPF manufacturing technology. Our combination of German/ Japanese engineered machinery boast an impressive output capacity of 1 million meters per month. We also have patented technology for material dispersion, PPF coatings and UV curing.


1.Paint Protection Film

2.Auto Window tint

3.Car Color Wrap Vinyl

4. Architectural Film

5.Car Headlight Film

6.Furniture Protection Film

7.Special Film

Our product line is already among the most comprehensive in the industry. Our beautiful, High-Gloss Clear PPF line alone comes in multiple varieties. Our Satin and Matte PPF is nothing short of perfection. Our innovative Infused Color PPF line is growing rapidly and our headlight and tail light PPF are quickly becoming industry favorites.  

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