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[Popular Science] What is the mystery of FNEGHENG paint protection film scratch repair?

Women like to maintain their faces

man likes car maintenance

man's passion for cars

No less than a woman's madness in the face of cosmetics

Today we will talk about car paint maintenance

Especially for the maintenance of car paint, waxing, sealing glaze, crystal plating, coating, and now the popular paint protection film. When it comes to paint protection film, its function of self-healing scratches has been talked about by people all the time. Presumably, everyone has heard about the "hot repair" and "second repair" of scratches.

Many people are immediately moved when they see "Second Repair". Theoretically speaking, it seems that scratch repair is more excellent, but in fact, it is not the case in actual use, scratch repair is not as fast as possible, scratch "hot repair" is more advantageous.

Scratch thermal repair is the property of the material itself. When the external force is applied, the molecules break, and when the external force is removed, the molecules undergo fission and elongation, and achieve a self-healing effect at a certain degree of high temperature.

How effective is scratch repair? What are the advantages? Before that, we have to talk about "second repair".

Many early PVC or PU car covers have the function of "second repair", which can be quickly and automatically repaired at room temperature. When the car cover is scratched by an external force, the molecules in the car cover are dispersed due to extrusion, so they are not scratched. When the external force is removed, the molecular structure returns to its original position. Of course, if the external force is too large and exceeds the range of movement of the molecule, even if the molecule returns to its original position, there will still be traces.

The "hot repair" needs to be restored at a certain temperature, and currently only TPU car covers have this ability. The molecular structure of the thermal repair coating is very tight, the molecular density is high, the elasticity is good, and the elongation rate is also high. Even if scratches occur, the traces will not be very deep because of the density. After heating (in the sun or pouring hot water), the damaged molecular structure will automatically recover.

In addition, the thermal repair coating is much better in terms of hydrophobicity and stain resistance, and the surface is much smoother. The molecular structure is tight, dust is not easy to enter, and the anti-yellowing property is better.

The scratch repair time of the thermal repair film depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. For minor scratches, the typical scratch repair time is one hour at room temperature of 22°C. When the temperature is relatively high, the repair time will be shorter, and the process of scratch repair can be accelerated by pouring hot water or heating with a heat gun.

The heat repair function is a highlight of the invisible car cover
FENGHENG paint protection film uses this kind of "heat repair" TPU paint protection film
Make your car more resistant to yellowing, scratches, and repair minor scratches

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