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[Popular Science] After reading this article, high-quality paint protection film is at your fingertips!

In recent years, the paint protection film market has become increasingly prosperous!

The new start of a new thing is always accompanied by doubts and encouragement.

How to choose paint protection film to avoid minefields? Let's listen to the editor one by one!

A thin layer of paint protection film is sold for 1,000 or 10,000. Materials range from PVC, TPH to TPU; coatings range from release layer, adhesive layer, substrate protection layer to top functional coating; quality problems range from edge, blistering, yellowing, to cracking, degumming, paint damage; quality assurance From 3 years, 5 years, 7 years to 10 years. There are so many manufacturers and brands in the market, whether it is a novice car owner, a senior player, or even a professional businessman who has been in the industry for many years, it is difficult to see the fog behind the paint protection film.

Only with good materials can we make good products. How to choose a reliable car clothing product, we first understand its material.


The traditional paint protection film materials on the market are what we often call plastic. For example, hard water pipes are made of PVC. After being processed into paint protection film materials, the structure is still hard. The aesthetics and the glue layer are problems. It takes a long time It may cause trouble to the car, and the poor quality will damage the car paint. The service life ranges from a few months to a year or two. This is the main paint protection film product that has just entered the market.


A plasticizer is added to the traditional PVC material, which has good flexibility after improvement. However, due to the material, it is still brittle during use and the protection ability is weak. At the same time, the cost of TPH material is relatively low. The early TPH material is still It is easy to edge and yellow, and the selected glue layer is also easy to fall off, which will cause offset printing or glue residue on the paint surface, and the service life is about two to three years.


The widely sought after material is a thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent physical properties and chemical stability. It is a mature environmental protection material. Its good toughness and thermal repair function make it highly sought after. It is currently a high-quality paint protection film. The preferred material, the service life is 5-10 years. At present, the world's mainstream paint protection film brands have begun to use TPU material.

How to distinguish different materials for paint protection film

1. Adhesive layer test: Hold the film with your fingers, the adhesive layer is exposed outside, click repeatedly on the paint surface to check whether the adhesion is reduced and whether the adhesive layer will fall off. Good TPU materials are generally equipped with a good adhesive layer, which can Repeating the above operation 50 times will not affect the performance of the adhesive layer.

2. Tensile test: TPU material, it is obvious that it has toughness when stretched, and it has good toughness and can be restored. The stretch resistance of PVC is very poor.

3. Burn it with fire: PVC and TPH have poor thermal stability, and will have obvious discoloration and odor when burned. TPU material can maintain good performance, and it will not ignite or change color after a short period of fire, and it can even be restored.

4. Swipe with a key: PVC is very hard and will not automatically repair, TPH is thinner, and TPU is the most resilient. You will definitely feel it if you swipe it yourself. At the same time, some TPU top coatings can also self-heal scratches and restore them in seconds after heating.

Outstanding advantages of TPU material paint protection film

Stable automatic repair ability, the unique dense nano-coating on the surface not only provides strong corrosion resistance, but also has better repair ability, and will not inhale dust during restoration (some materials on the market absorb dust seriously, resulting in The film is dry and dull), which can keep the film intact and bright and clean for a long time. Very good non-staining performance, away from foreign corrosion, long-term non-yellowing, non-cracking, etc., with a 5-10-year warranty period, and relatively more complete after-sales service.

Summary: The material is the basis of the quality of the paint protection film. Choosing a paint protection film of high-quality materials can give the car a stronger defense capability, and it can provide an extra protection against environmental erosion and accidental damage without damaging the car. Take the risk of paint and enjoy a worry-free and pleasant journey.

The FENGHENG paint protection film is made of TPU material, which can effectively prevent scratches, corrosion, and brighten the paint surface. From the raw material guarantee that "every meter of TPU is imported from the United States", to the research and development strength of the joint laboratory of top universities at home and abroad, to the stable production and quality control system, and perfect after-sales service, FENGHENG has made great achievements in paint protection film and The safety film market has established an unparalleled advantage.

Such excellent quality is the secret of FENGHENG's foothold in the automotive aftermarket! It is the capital that makes consumers trust!
Choosing FENGHENG paint protection film is to choose the best protection for your car!

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